The Build...

 This section will follow the build process. As the build progresses, I will try to organize the site along two lines - one will be a chronology of the build. As I provide updates, I will organize them by date so you can follow along as the build takes place. Additionally, I think it might be helpful to organize another part of this site along the lines of installation of major components. Since the build will take frequent detours, it may be difficult to follow, for example, the installation and setup of the brakes. The pedal box and brake lines may be installed early in the process whereas the discs and rotors may be installed much later. So, where it makes sense, I will develop smaller build sections of the site that detail some of the more complex installations.

I will include as many photos as I can in each section. Additionally, all of the photos will be available in the photo gallery that allows you to scroll through all of the pictures one at a time.

The chronology menus are on the left under the “The Build” button.

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