Build Log: June 13, 2013

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The end is finally getting near. With some very welcome help from my brother-in-law Randy, it was time to begin final assembly. We start with one last pic of the chassis. After this, it will not likely see the light of day again...

Then the rear section of the body went on.

Followed by the front.


Then came a bunch of miscellaneous things like doors, trunk deck, rollbars, etc.

That brought us to the end of the weekend. I had hoped to take the car to a car show where I work on July 12, but the car was not totally finished and more importantly, it was not yet registered. So, I resigned myself to the fact that I was going to miss the show this year. Still, the car was ready to begin the registration process, which I was told could be an arduous one. So, on the way home from work on the 11th, I stopped by the County Clerk’s office to see what all would be involved. They were very accommodating and told me that I only needed to provide the Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (supplied by Factory Five) and pay the sales tax, and they would give me a tag and registration.




So, I immediately rushed home to get the necessary papers, went back to the Clerk’s office, and just a few minutes later, I was walking out with a tag and registration. The title will be mailed to me. It will be titled as a 1965 AC Cobra.

With my tag in my hot little hand, I started to think that the car show was not completely out of the question. The car was not fully complete, but it was close enough to take the show. So, that’s what I did...

The next update will likely be the final one. Like I said earlier, the end is near.

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