Build Log: January 27, 2013

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It looks like I have settled into an update every other week. Thatís probably best since I have been needing to spend time on some other projects around the house and havenít put as much time into the cars as I would like.Iím still trimming the interior, with efforts concentrated on the trans tunnel. It will be covered on top by a veneered panel that matches the dash. The first step was to cut and bookmatch the veneer pieces:

Then the veneer gets trimmed to final size and glued to the panel. Everything then goes into the vacuum press to cook for a few hours:

When it comes out, the panel is ready to begin the finishing process:

Meanwhile, I needed to do something about the shifter boot. The rubber boot that came with the kit will not fit over the MGW shifter arm. Besides, I really wanted a leather boot. Having said that, I wanted to use the trim ring that came with the kit. I couldnít find a boot that would fit, so I decided to use some of the leftover leather to make one. Hereís a tool that has never been in the shop before:

I received some instruction on its use from Debbie and then practiced on some scraps. Once I felt minimally competent, I cut 4 triangular pieces and started sewing them together:

Three of the stitch lines get accent stitching on each side of the seam.

The boot was then hot-glued into the trim ring:

Iím pretty happy with the result. Thatís all for now.

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