Build Log: January 14, 2013

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Work continues on the interior trim in this installment. Next up is fabrication of the door cards. Like the transmission tunnel panels, these are trimmed in leather with diamond accents. The first step is to make a card out of hardboard:

And then the 1/8” adhesive-backed foam is added, and then sculpted. This is a fairly simple matter of cutting the grooves and then peeling up the strips:

Finally, it is covered in leather. I use 3M 90 spray adhesive, taking care to make sure that there is adequate adhesive in the grooves. I then tooled the leather into place what is nothing more than a smoothly pointed stick:

The rear cockpit area gets a similar treatment.

Next, the carpet was installed. I used a product called Insta-bind to finish the exposed edge of the carpet.

I finished the carpeting in the cockpit and then turned my attention to the trans tunnel again. There are some electrical components at the front of the tunnel that need to be covered:

So, I fabricated a removable cover out of aluminum and covered it in leather:

I then put the seats in to see how everything looks:

I then started laying out for the top of the trans tunnel. This will be a veneered panel to match the dash. It will also contain two cupholders. This is the layout:

That’s all for now.

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