Build Log: February 24, 2013

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Yeah, I know. Itís been almost a month since the last update. My apologies. I have had competing priorities. Iíll try to update more often in the future. In this installment, I continued to work on the center console. One thing that needed to be done was to cover the e-brake handle in leather. The leather that it was covered in was torn and worn. I knew I would end up replacing it. I ordered some waxed lacing, a chisel for cutting the lacing holes and some curved needles from an online leather craft store, and recovered the handle:

Underneath the leather is a thin film of West System epoxy to hold everything in place.

I also crafted a leather boot fot the e-brake, but didnít take any pictures of the process. You can see the finished product in the next pics. Finally, I shot the console top with 4 coats of clear and did a cut-and-buff job to bring out a nice shine. Here is everything loosely fitted in place:

As long as I was in the leathercraft mood, I dyed the door limit straps black:

I then turned my attention to the door latches. One thing that has always bugged me was the raw cutout for the door striker:

So I fabricated some strikeplates to cover up the ugly cutouts. They are made out of polished 0.90Ē aluminum and attached with rivnuts:

Finally, I started final prep of the body before paint. First, I trimmed and rolled the wheel well edges:

Then, I used a hand-held fluorescent light held at a raking angle to highlight any pinholes and flaws:

The pinholes arenít obvious in the pics above. To get a better idea, click on the pics for a much pager pic. Youíll see them. After careful scrutiny of the entire body, I found a few areas that needed attention:

The flaws were filled with glazing, and I then spent a good deal of time sanding through 400 grit. I still have 600 grit to go before I call the body ready for paint. Thatís all for now.

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