Update: 12/26/2011: Iíd like to make a request of the folks looking at this live feed. When you are done looking, please close your browser or navigate to another page. I have very limited upload bandwidth and my logs show that some folks are keeping the feed going for many hours at a time. If a few of people do this at the same time, it brings my internet access at home to a crawl. From time to time, I may have to shut the camera down temporarily if I need some extra bandwidth. I will always turn if back on when Iím done. Thanks.

This is live video of the part of my shop where the car is being built. If you are using Firefox, you should see a streaming video below. Unfortunately, Microsoft doesnít seem to know how to handle streaming jpeg images, so if you are using Internet Explorer, you will not see the streaming video, though you will see a still image. Refresh your browser for a new image.

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